For a lot of people, their New Year’s resolution was to spend more time with loved ones! Hopefully over the past month we’ve all kept up with our resolutions and February is the perfect time to continue the hard work! Here’s a few things happening over the next month.

Uncorked Atlanta Wine Festival

Do you love wine? If not, maybe you should try again. And this festival is the perfect place for it! On Saturday the 22nd, you can relax at the Fairmont from 12 to 4 PM, tasting over 50 different varieties of wine and craft beer. Ticket prices vary, so it’s recommended to get them early!

‘The Office! A Musical Parody’

Are you an Office fan? Do you wanna rock out with the Nard-Dog and make fun of Dwight with Jim and Pam? You finally have the chance to do just that without watching Netflix. For one night only, on Tuesday the 25th, Center Stage is hosting a musical parody of one of America’s favorite shows. Read more about it here!

Valentine’s In The Garden

Can’t decide where to take your sweetheart for Valentine’s? Consider Atlanta’s Botanical Gardens! Their annual V-Day bash is set to a “Decade’s of Love” theme this year. Dress up in your era of choice for a special night with live music, great food, drinks and some quality time with your loved one. You can buy your tickets here.

Decatur Glassblowing

Once again, Decatur Glassblowing is holding a specific class for Valentine’s! If you love to give gifts you made, try out this class. They’ll be teaching you how to blow a glass paperweight in the shape of a heart, a great gift to show how much you care.

Valentine’s Dinners in Atlanta

If the Botanical Garden’s night didn’t sound up your alley, check out this list of restaurants with special menus or events for the night! And time is running out to make a reservation- you might want to find a place soon!

Maybe you and your special someone don’t have plans for Valentine’s Day- which is totally normal! A lot of people skip out on holidays, especially some of our customers here at Eastside Walk! Maybe your special day could be spent planning on investing in your future together.. consider coming to our neighborhood on the special weekend! Our agent will be there Friday through Sunday to answer any questions you may have.

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