Restaurants, bars, and shopping centers are opening back up, but it’s still not a bad idea to stay in when you have something fun to do from the safety of your home. That’s why we’re bringing some ideas to you that keep everyone entertained and healthy!

Georgia Film and Chill

Right from your couch, enjoy getting tours of sets from Iconic TV shows like The Walking Dead and Stranger Things, and all the amazing movies filmed here in GA. Driving Miss Daisy, The Hunger Games, Gone With the Wind, Babydriver, and more! Only 10 dollars a person, you can log onto Zoom and take part in a Q&A and see behind-the-scenes footage! Great for a date night in, buy some popcorn and wine to enjoy one of many options they have. Book yours here!

Finely Crafted: Cocktails and Comedy

Every other week, the Old 4th Distillery hosts some of Atlanta’s best comedians. Tune in on Wednesday, have a drink with your friends and laugh along on Zoom, benefitting The N.A.A.C.P. This is great for a social distancing and a virtual night out. These tickets are also starting at 10 dollars a person. Buy your tickets online at their website.

Escape Rooms: Remote Adventures

“Your team will communicate with each other and a Host at The Escape Game using Zoom. You’ll explore the room by directing a Game Guide that’s streaming a live camera feed from the physical environment and by searching 360 images. Use what you find in the room and the items in your digital dashboard to progress through the adventure. You have 60 minutes, can you escape?”

Over the past few years, this has become a great activities for families, friend groups and work events! That doesn’t have to stop just so we can continue social distancing. They now have online rooms you can all join in on for just 25 dollars per person! Choose your adventure here.

Atlanta Virtual Speed Dating

All my singles ready to mingle out there, I got a great event for you! Covid has definitely made it harder for us to stay social, and near-impossible to meet new people. Try out a few hours of speed dating to see if you can make that love connection! And, you don’t even have to step out into Atlanta traffic to do it. Tickets range from $23-25. Buy yours here!

I hope this gives everyone something to do while we’re still riding out the second wave. Remember, try to stay safe and healthy and wear a mask when out and about!

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